Call of Duty: Black ops 2 – Tier 3 Perks


Marksman gives you the ability to gun down enemies located at a far distance. It will display the red names of the enemies above their heads. It will help you to aim at your enemy accurately. Marksman Pro gives you the ability to hold your breath for twice longer than normal.


Stalker enables you to travel at a higher speed when you are aiming down on your enemies. It gives you 100% movement speed during aim down sight (ADS). The advantage is that it enables you to move faster when you are engaging in a gunfight with the enemies.


Sitrep can be used to locate bombs and tactical weapons. It will mark the enemies’ weapons in red. It will mark the enemies weapon even if the it is located behind a wall or hindrance. Sitrep is a useful feature for players who are in the high levels. You cannot unlock powerful weapons such as Claymores until you reach level 53. Sitrep pro will enhance the sound of the footsteps of the enemies.


Steady Aim

Steady Aim can increase the precision of hip fire. It diminish the bullet spread by 35% when you are not aim down sight (ADS). It is ideal for players who use submachine gun and shotgun. It can increase the recovery speed by 40% from damages caused by melee strikes.


Dead Silence

Dead Silence can remove all the noises made by your footsteps. It also diminish the explosive damage of Recon perk for up to 6 seconds. Dead Silence is a perk which you can found in the third tier. It is suitable to be used for players who want to build their stealth classes. Dead Silence Pro will eliminate damage from falling.


Frag Grenades

Frag grenades is a grenade that can explode without being needed to be cooked. Frag grenades will explode within a time frame of 3.5 seconds.



Semtext is a bomb that can detonate at a higher speed compared to a frag. You can stick the semtex bomb on anyone. Semtex cannot be cooked.


Throwing Knife

Throwing knife allows you to kill your enemies quickly and quietly. Each player can only obtain one throwing knife. You can get back the knife if you manage to find it after throwing it on your enemy. You can use this weapon when in the middle of a reload. To throw the knife, you should press down the throw button to display the reticle and aim at your enemy. You can also tap on the enemy to instantly throw the knife at him.


Bouncing Betty

Bouncing Betty will jump high up into the sky when it explode. Just like Claymore, it is a proximity mine but it is capable of 360 degree detection. Bouncing better is less powerful than a grenade. You can avoid getting injured by a bouncing betty through going prone.



Claymore is an explosive that can create a large damage on the environment. It is a proximity mine that features a frontal detection. Claymore is more powerful than a grenade or Bouncing Betty. The red laser shows how far will be the extend of damage of Claymore.



C4 is a bomb that can bomb the area in 360 degree radius. C4 is capable of creating a big damage just like Claymore. You will have to manually plant the C4 bomb. To activate the C4 bomb, you will have to turn on the detonator button. You can also detonate the bomb by clicking on the reload button twice. More info about black ops 2 hack tool here


Rockstar Games Discusses about the Money Hacks in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games has released a statement on the money hack problems in the GTA Online game. The Gameranx report, which was published on the 24th October, stated that one player sent an email to Rockstar Games to inform them that he has received $973 millions from a hacker. He has asked Rockstar Games to remove the money which he received from the hacker as he did not want to be punished for something he did not do. The representative from the Rockstar Games told the player that they have not yet found a way to remove the $973 millions from his account. The player should contact the company if the game moderator ban his account. You can visit the slideshow on top to check out the screenshots of the GTA 5. Hackers used a Playstation 3 console that is fitted with a special firmware to implement the money cheats in the online game. With the money hack cheats, players can edit the cash payout value when carrying out a heist at the bank. These hackers have been sharing the money gained illegally with other GTA Online players who did not requested to receive them. Rockstar Games has released a new patch to prevent the money hacks from working in the game. They will not be inflicting any penalty on players who did not intend to receive the money. You can visit this link: GTA 5 to buy the game from Amazon.

Rockstar Games Talks About the Cheater Pool in GTA 5 Online


The representative from Rockstar Games has discussed about the hacking issues in the GTA Online. They published a report on the Rockstar Support page on the 20th of December. The report claimed that there are a number of players that complained the timer is not functioning properly in the game. The malfunction timer problem has been brought into the attention of the technical team. They are coming up with a solution to fix the bug. The slideshow to the left offers a few GTA Online screenshots. Players who are blacklisted in the cheater pool will face some restrictions in the features of the GTA Online for a temporary period of time. It will take some time for them to fix the malfunction timer problem so players will have to be patient on this. Rockstar Games has introduced a patch to prevent players from using the modding and cheating tools to glitch the game. They are also suspending the accounts of players who use the money hack to generate a large sum of money in the game. They are performing an investigation on selected players whom they suspect are cheating. Rockstar Games will be providing more updates on GTA Online to improve it and fix all the bugs. Rockstar Games is in the process of adding new features such as heist mode and DLS pack into the GTA 5 Online.

Beta Heist Missions in GTA 5 Online

Many fans are eager about playing the heist mode in GTA Online of the GT5 game. The Latin Times report, which was published on the 28th March, claimed that players can now run the co-op jobs via the DNS servers. There is a chance that players can get banned for using the DNS servers to play the co-op mode. The beta mode of the heist mission allows a 4 player team to carry out the bank robbery in the multiplayer GTA 5. The four roles in the 4 players team are attackers, defender, hackers and scouts. Every player is assigned with a specific role in the robbery. Defenders are responsible for guarding the place of the robbery from the police. Hackers are responsible in hacking the security system of the door and making it inaccessible to the police. In the beta version of the heist mission, players are not rewarded in the form of cash payout but they will see an increase in their reputation points. The slideshow on the left provides a video that demonstrate how the heist mission is being carried out. Rockstar North did not announced the exact date when they will launch the Grand Theft Auto 5. They planned to launch the heist mission expansion into the GTA 5 very soon. GTA 5 was made available for Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 in the past year. Now, they are also making it available for desktop, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Rockstar Games will Reset the Reputation Scores of Hackers in GTA 5 Online


Rockstar Games has released some new updates for GTA Online. The Christian Post report, which was published on the 22nd May, told the press that they had reset the reputation scores that belonged to the hackers. This action was taken in order to provide a fair online game environment for the players. The Rockstar Games Support stated that the reputation scores of these players will be reverted back to the original score they initially had when they did not use cheat tools to play game. The game moderators will continue to monitor the game accounts of these players. Players who choose to ignore the warning and continue tp use the cheats tool will be blacklisted in the Cheater Pool. They will also lose all the money they earned in the game, except for the balance which they had topped up with the cash card. Rock Star Games has provided a glossary on the different cheating terms such as hacks, modes and manipulations of the game codes. Players who kept on playing the same missions to increase their reputation scores will not receive any penalty. Rockstar Games are asking players to report those whom they know are cheating in the game. Many hacks have been invented to modify the game ever since it was launched in October of the past year. The team will continue to develop new patches to fix all the changes caused by the cheats. They will also carry out maintenances on the game server regularly to make sure the game has top performance. New hacks are being invented to hack the GTA Online even though the team has been working hard to develop patches to fix the issues. More hacks will be created with the launch of the game on desktop, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You can check out the screenshots of the GTA 5 from the Facebook page of the Rockstar Games on top.